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Dental Impression Silicone
Dental Impression Silicone

Putty (Auto Mix)


● Crown, bridge, inlays and onlays impression.

● Implantology impression

Technical Date: Mixing Ratio (base/catalyst) 5:1 

Mixing Time: 1:30 mins; temperature 23 degree, humidity 50%

Setting time in mouth: 3:30 mins


■ Advantages

● Suitable for most auto-mix machines

● Excellent precision

● High dimensional stability

■ Delivery Form

● Packaging: 380ml/bio-cartridge, 1 bio-cartridges/box

● Color of Base: Blue

● Color of Catalyst: White


Dental Accessories
Dental Accessories
Dental Accessories
Dental Material Accreditations
The high quality and fast setting dental silicone is ideal for dental use with great value for money!
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