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First Ultrasonic UVC Clear Designed for Clear Aligner

First Ultrasonic UVC Cleaner for Clear Aligner, especially designed for clear aligner cleaning in the UK, patented design and technology, tested at one of leading University in the UK and dentists in the UK. 

Features & Benefits:

  • powerful and efficient. 99.7% kill bacteria within 5 mins working circle;

  • small footprint. compact and light weight, smaller than your palm, can be easily carry inside your pocket or bag;

  • flexibility, powered by main socket or power bank via Type-C USB cable;

  • only need cleaning chemical if aligner or retainer is very oilly or need a deep cleaning.

Sonic Spa Cube.PNG

OEM/ODM/Private label are welcome.
If you would like to test it and explore opportunities, please contact us now, 

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