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Orthodontics Clear Aligner Service 

We have strategic partnership with top Orthodontics invisible/clear aligner lab in China. We are the only dental lab listed in China Stock exchange,  offering one-stop solution for the UK and European customers, private Label/OEM/ODM are welcome.

  • Independent develpped, patented and multi interfaces orthodontics aligner design software;

  • proven dental polymer and state of art design & manufacturing facilities;

  • In depth orthodontics practice experiences, extensive design know-how; 

  • Advanced digital manufacturing capability as well as 100% quality control and tractability, offering you high quality aligners at competitive prices;

  • ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Accreditations, ISO14001 Environmental Management Accreditation; OHSAS Health and Safety Management Accreditation, make sure GMP and fully treacibility; 

24 hours day shifts, 365 working days, ensure 3 day production turnaround!

Discuss more about private label, ODM&OEM opportunities, Please  email:
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