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Dental X Ray PMMA

X-ray PMMA Block


X-ray PMMA block for fully and partially anatomical crowns and bridges.

Perfect view under X-ray for specific patient.



* X-ray PMMA block (white)

X-Ray PMMA block is specially designed and produced for the CAD/CAM dental machine. Adopted by the injection molding technique, the X-Ray PMMA block is made of the highly cross-linked PMMA material and specially designed adding Barium material with smooth surface, stable size, no bubbles and anti-color change.




· For use in production of fixed dentures in clinical

restorative industry

· Main performance and features

· No biological toxicity - safe to use for oral cavities

· No visible gaps or other defects on the section of

the cutting side

· Excellence finishing surface with good polishing

performance after milling

· Barium added under standard ensure the safety

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