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Zirconia Anterior Translucency (AT) Block


* Single crown copings and full contour crowns

* Bridges(≤3 units)

* Inlays

* Veneers



* White

* 16 A-D shades


· Superior translucency

· Aesthetic function

· Effective and time saving


Light Translucency Rate of AT


16 A-D shades pre-shaded in Anterior Translucency zirconia block can save more time in restoration fabrication. Pre-shaded blocks serve you with predictable success.


AT zirconia block has the superior translucency to match the beauty of the natural teeth that are beside the ones in need of restorations. Restorations made of AT block shall help you retrieve the smiles with confidence which have been lost for a long time.




Green Density                                                3.27g/cm3

Denisty                                                            6.05g/cm3(16A-D),6.05g/cm3

Flexural                                                           600MPa

Radioactivity                                                  0.019Bq/g

Kught Translucency                                     40%(16A-D),49%(white)


Delivery form

· 1 disc/pack, 12 packs/case

Dental Zirconia Block
Dental Color Shades
Zirconia Denture
Dental Zirconia Crowns
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